The Cirencester Corps is part of the International Salvation Army. Within the United Kingdom it belongs to the Severn and South Division centred on the Divisional Headquarters in Bristol. 

  • Evening Worship

    Many places of worship no longer have an evening service.
    If you miss this opportunity, you are very welcome to join with us on a Sunday evening at 6.00pm.  We try to provide an informal atmosphere with a variety of music etc. and it is followed by a cup of tea or coffee and time for a chat. 

  • Over 100 years of Service

    There has been a Salvation Army Corps in Cirencester since 1881.  Meetings (services)  are held every Sunday morning and evening and there are other activities during the week to which you are invited.  We also have a Charity Shop in Dyer Street which is often our first point of contact with the public. 

    The Cirencester Corps now belongs to the Severn and Somerset Division  of The Salvation Army which is based in Bristol.  This is part of the United Kingdom Territory http://www.salvationarmy.org.uk/ which in turn is part of an International Army serving the people in over 100 countries worldwide.

  • A Long Blow

    In 2013 the Cirencester Corps Band  celebrated 50 years since its recommissioning. Follow the link to Notes from the Past for a non too serious account of that 50 years


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